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Date: Wed Jun 08 2011 - 04:31:47 UTC

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    Scared to post an item of a very basic and rather imprecise nature but this will 
    help any observers from New Zealand:  there is an overhead pass of these objects 
    as seen from my location just after 0600 UTC (1800 UTC) tonight. Those who want 
    technical precision can refer to Calsky and/or the TLE's (which I can't enter 
    into any prediction programs at the moment from where I am posting) and go take 
    measurements- because of my situation and the fact I won't have precise timing 
    equipment with me my report will be very basic, but at the very least we will 
    know whether the rocket is flashing.   
    Thought- how many of those who now do precise technical measurements started 
    with "I saw the ISS" and moved up from there.....
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    Spacetrack has rev 0 element sets for Soyuz and the rocket: 
    2011-023A/37633 and 2011-023B/37634 repectively.
    Bob Christy
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