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    This list isn't at all like a science journal.  None of the reports are
    peer-reviewed before publication (as is the minimum standard for any
    respectable journal).  Only the tiniest fraction of any material here is
    ever peer reviewed, even after publication.  No scientific claims have ever
    been made in the years I have been lurking, and I suspect never in its
    lifespan.  Peer-reviewed science is completely missing from the statement of
    goals for the list, No problems with me on this.  The purposes of the list
    is published in the introduction of the list for anyone that is interested.
    Listmembers are free to disagree with any conclusions claimed here,
    including of high-resolution imagery, whether they have raw images or not,
    this is trivally true.
    In the end, it doesn't matter if it's reasonable to request source, it's
    Ted's list, and he now requires it.  Ted didn't like Ralf's unsupported
    claims, and decided to require elaborate documentation, so they're gone.
    Problem solved.  But let's not pretend this is science.
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    > If we enforce "science" over "pretty pictures" for high res imaging, 
    > then logically we also must enforce position measurements and 
    > calibrated intensity curves over "I saw Intelsat 1R flashing".
    But if images are involved, it's perfectly reasonable to insist that 
    the original RAW images should be available, as well as any 
    derivatives thereof. That allows those listmembers who disagree with 
    the interpretation, or who want to go more deeply into the details, 
    to replicate the analysis and provide their own version.
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