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    The list has many goals.  Some of them are scientific, others are not.  To
        reports of exceptional observations, such as piloted spacecraft in close
    proximity, rocket burns, propellant dumps, space shuttle water dumps,
    re-entries, Iridium Flares, tethered satellites, etc...
        the place to share satellite position and flash timing observations
        assistance in identifying unknown satellites
        discussions about observing techniques, prediction software, estimating
    orbital elements, etc...
        orbital elements of recent launches, spy satellites, and many others
        trajectory and orbital elements of upcoming launches
        re-entry predictions of decaying satellites
        updates of the flash period program of the Belgian Working Group
        and much more.
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    > If science were the only worthy goal, I'd agree.
    Isn't that what the list is for? Well, strictly speaking, no; but I 
    have always understood that the rules were there to ensure a high 
    level of accuracy, and after all science is only organized and peer-
    reviewed accuracy. In other words, as I see it, there are plenty of 
    internet mailing lists for "Hey guys, I saw something 
    interesting/weird/inexplicable in the sky, and here's the 
    photo/video." This list aspires to something higher, i.e. peer-
    reviewability and the resultant accuracy - and the RAW images are 
    essential for peer-review.
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