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Date: Tue Jun 07 2011 - 12:38:23 UTC

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    Personally I think you can "rule" your list to death...
    I've always enjoyed seeing the imagery... I hate to see arbitrary rules kill it off...
    If it does, another list will pop up to serve the interests of those that are being unserved
    That will have the effect of spreading the information over a wider area for the users to search
    I can't see how that is a good thing.... drive away members because of some arbitrary rule.
    I learned a long time ago that if I find postings from a particular person to not be to my liking that I can simply ignore them.
    I am not sure why so many people have such a hard time passing by that which they don't want to read....
    Just an observation from a fellow that normally lurks
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    Ralf Vandebergh briefly subscribed to the list and wrote:
    > Was checking out the Seesat list and was actually chocked to see that 
    > after I left, other high-resolution photographers were allowed to post 
    > without directly providing the raw frames. Just the raw frames were the main reason that my posts were rejected.
    > Unfortunately, I can’t find any technical, physical or psychological 
    > reason why rules would not apply for everyone the same, unless the 
    > moderator has observed too many satellites and needs some sleep.....
    There has been a single hi-res post, by Thierry Legault, and it clearly did not abide by our rules:
    Both Justin Allport and I made clear to Thierry that his post fell "well short of complying with our rules":
    Thierry quickly responded with a post that provided much of the technical information required, and also promised to make the raw frames available upon request:
    I could have wished for a more auspicious start in terms of compliance, but the rules are being enforced, contrary to Ralf's claims.
    Based on his false interpretation of the situation, Ralf decided that he was entitled to ignore the rules:
    > As in nature things are equalized, find an interesting Nanosail observation in the other mail.
    He quickly followed up with an imaging report that does not comply with the rules:
    Shortly after making this post, Ralf once again unsubscribed from the list.
    Since he clearly has no intention of complying with the rules, I have banned Ralf from the list. He can gain re-admittance by contacting me off-list, and promising to comply with the rules.
    Ted Molczan
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