STS-134: videos of Endeavour and ISS, plus solar transits

From: Thierry Legault (
Date: Sun Jun 05 2011 - 08:40:21 UTC

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    as usual I have travelled in western Europe to catch Endeavour during 
    STS-134, fighting with bad weather and average seeing. Here is the 
    compilation of the results:
    You'll find a 3D video of a pass of Endeavour docked to the ISS 
    (stereo pair and anaglyph), another video with two passes of 
    Endeavour before return to Earth (unfortunately the seeing was bad) 
    and several solar transits.
    The videos have been taken with a 10" ACF Meade telescope on a 
    Takahashi EM-400 German mount heavily (hardware and software) 
    modified for real-time fast tracking with a guide camera on a finder. 
    The main camera is a Lumenera Skynyx L2-2 recording monochrome 12-bit 
    Fits files at 10 fps (one frame is 4 Mb and there are more than 1000 
    frames for a pass). As usual in planetary imaging, each frame of the 
    final video is a combination of 15 to 30 consecutive registered raw 
    frames (in order to smooth turbulence and to improve signal-to-noise 
    ratio), followed by slight sharpening.
    During this vacancy period I have also taken other satellites, it 
    will take some time for processing and preparation of pages but soon 
    you'll see videos of passes of USA-186 (Keyhole), X-37B (OTV-2) and 
    Nanosail. Stay tuned...  :-)
    Thierry Legault
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