Help with unid

From: Tom Laskowski (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2011 - 18:41:43 UTC

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    I saw a slowly tumbling, slow-moving satellite while watching the clouds 
    drift in last night here at the Texas Star Party.
    I got two approximate positions as it passed just north of Rasalgethi then 
    just above Rasalhague at 04:41:41 ut and 04:42:06 respectively.
    04:41:41 UT   17h 15.4m  +14 34.5
    04:42:06 UT   17h 35.6m  +12 47.5
    My location: Prude Ranch @ N30 36' 37", W103 55' 32
    I came up empty with Findsat and IDsat.
    Any ideas?  I will look again tonight if the sky cooperates. 
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