Re: Satobs 4160 (BD) Nanosail 10062L observed but not timed 2011-06-01

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2011 - 12:58:42 UTC

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    Op 2-6-2011 12:28, Bram Dorreman schreef:
    > At next pass of Nanosail (10062L) it was a very good visible:
    > - at first the flashes were irregular and I could not found a pattern
    > - becoming brighter the flashes were about 1.5 seconds apart and I started
    >    my stopwatch.
    > - at brightest the maxima were well defined and magnitude +0.8
    > - the amplitude dissappeared almost and I stopped pressing my watch at
    >    every maximum.
    > - low in southwest the amplitude increased but I did not time them.
    > - when I stopped my stopwtach after this observation I noticed it
    >    showed only zeroes. Probably I pressed once a wrong button.
    > What a pity it was such a nice transit.
    Observed it as well, and indeed saw the initially very apparent amplitude 
    near-vanish when it was low in the sky (~35 degrees) due south. Estimated it to 
    be +1 to +0.5 at the brightest.
    Image trails are saturated, so no reliable brightness variation data to be 
    gleaned from them this time alas (I must try with another lens, diafragm and ISO 
    combi next time).
    Positional data will follow later (got the Nanosail-UNID as well at 22:09 UTC).
    - Marco
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