Satobs 4160 (BD) Nanosail 10062L observed but not timed 2011-06-01

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2011 - 10:28:37 UTC

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    On the evening of 2011-06-01:
    I missed a  transit high northeast probably by the bright background
    At next pass of Nanosail (10062L) it was a very good visible:
    - at first the flashes were irregular and I could not found a pattern
    - becoming brighter the flashes were about 1.5 seconds apart and I started
      my stopwatch.
    - at brightest the maxima were well defined and magnitude +0.8
    - the amplitude dissappeared almost and I stopped pressing my watch at
      every maximum.
    - low in southwest the amplitude increased but I did not time them.
    - when I stopped my stopwtach after this observation I noticed it
      showed only zeroes. Probably I pressed once a wrong button.
    What a pity it was such a nice transit.
    Bram Dorreman
    Site 4160: 51.27931 N, 5.47683 E, 35 m (WGS84)
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