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From: Fred Valcho (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2010 - 21:28:25 UTC

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    Eddie raised a good question. Which URL can I find a pass from a past date/time? such as the ISS.
    From: Eddie Lyons <>
    Sent: Wed, June 30, 2010 1:39:23 PM
    Subject: Help ID an unknown
    Computer problems prevented me from posting this sooner. This is a casual 
    observation of  a low, fast pass seen from a carpark while walking from my 
    vehicle. Time was approx 21:30UT on 27 June; location given below. Sky was 
    still bright twilight, so no stars readily available to provide more precise 
    positions, and I didn't have a timepiece. Object was noticed first fairly 
    low in the NW (several degrees to the N of Venus) and was *very* bright -- I 
    would guess max brightness at about -8. At first I thought it was the 
    landing light of a helicopter taking off from a nearby airfield, or an 
    aircraft on a somewhat unusual flightpath from Southampton Airport. However, 
    there were no navigation lights or beacons evident, and no sound as it flew 
    overhead. It traveled from NW to SSE, and faded out as I would expect for an 
    object in LEO going into Earth's shadow. Max elevation for the pass was 
    about 70 deg. The object remained very bright throughout its pass, with 
    slight, rapid variations -- like a minor flicker. Perhaps something rolling 
    but not tumbling?
    Other than the brightest Iridium flares, I've not seen anything else so 
    bright. The rapidity of its passage and fading out in shadow point to a low 
    pass. I'd be more than interested in any information for candidates that can 
    be turned up.
    Eddie Lyons
    Portsmouth, UK
    50.84N 1.12W
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