Re: Falcon Seen Easily

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Jun 26 2010 - 02:13:32 UTC

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    At 03:05 AM 26/06/2010, you wrote:
    >Fearing Kevin's prophecy of a toasted Dragon/Falcon 9 rocket I saw 
    >36595 this morning in case its not still up tomorrow when it will 
    >have a much better pass during the lunar eclipse. Found with binocs 
    >under Jupiter in strong twilite but it was an easy naked eye object. 
    >See it soon - limited engagemant!
    >10- 26 A 10-06-25 10:46:18   BY   14.9 0.3   6  2.5   A; 0->2 neo
    I observed it at 0836UT June 25  1h 50 before Brad. brightest at mag 
    -2 varying to zero.
    In a evening twilight sky  where limiting magnitude was probably +1.
    Unfortunately I fumbled the stopwatch so I cant tell you with any real accuracy
    how far off  Heavens-above prediction it was , but it was within a
    minute of prediction.
    Tony Beresford
    8597  -34.9638, 138.6333E
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