Possible reentry over Spain

From: Oscar A. Rodriguez / PMEE-SPACE (obaquero@arrakis.es)
Date: Wed Jun 23 2010 - 14:53:24 UTC

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    Hi all,
    At first, thanks to Marco Langbroek, Ted Molczan and Harro Zimmer for 
    their responses.
    There is no further information about the object's trajectory. 
    Nevertheless, the Spanish Photographic Meteor Network (SPMN) 
    photographed the reentry with one of its cameras at La Murta 
    Observatory. The absolute magnitude has been estimated -9 (+/-2). The 
    observation lasted about one minute, so definitively it is an artificial 
    object. You can see an image here: 
    http://www.spmn.uji.es/ESP/SPMN220610_reentry.jpg . The exact time of 
    the observation was June 22, 01h02m221 UTC.
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