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From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Wed Jun 23 2010 - 12:53:00 UTC

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    Hi all, 
     Oscar Rodriguez wrote:
    "I have received a report of a possible reentry over Villajoyosa, Spain
    (N38.500 W-0.233), about 1:30 UTC June 22 (perhaps June 21 since the
    report was sent on June 22 and it says "last night").
    The trajectory was West-East approximately. Some fragments were
    Does anybody have additional info about it? Thanks in advance."
    A first rough analysis shows an possible reentry of  #35698 Breeze M
    Deb (Tank) on June 22, around  01:10 UT visible from the mentioned
    area based on the last issued ELSET 19172,903....
    A detailed analysis comes later,
    Harro Zimmer
    Berlin, Germany
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