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Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 18:39:06 UTC

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    I, too saw this exact same object, going SW - NE and I noted it was moving VERY fast across the sky. I was on an overlook at Gatlinburg, TN and it was about a Mag 1. I was up there for an amateur radio activity and wasn't prepped for searching for birds, but did see a few even with a bright moon.
    It was about 1-2 minutes before you caught it, Art. 
    My position (obtained from Google Maps): 35.711301, -83.530137
    First observed below moon. Passed close to Libra and about a 65-70 degree elevation. It looked as thought it might have been at a 51.6 degree inclination same as ISS. 
    01:43 AM, 21 June.
    Greg Williams
     On Mon 21/06/10 11:59 AM , Art Glick sent:
    > Hey All,
    > During some informal viewing (doesn't everyone else on this list tilt 
    > their head back any time they might be walking around outside at 
    > night?), I spotted a very low flying satellite that's not in Heaven's
    > Above.
    > I was in an unfamiliar location (not far from here - use the lat/long 
    > below), so can only provide rough details.  Its path was roughly 
    > south to north, and it passed very close to zenith (within 10 degrees 
    > of due overheard, in my estimation).  I'd put it's magnitude at around 1 to
    > 0.
    > Man, this bird was screaming.  One of the fastest I've ever seen 
    > during my 50 years of casual observing.  It was moving so fast that I 
    > looked to see if it might be leaving a plasma trail from atmospheric 
    > contact!  Didn't see anything like that, but I was in a fairly 
    > brightly lit location.
    > I looked at my cell phone at the moment of its zenith, and it read 
    > 9:44 PM (that's DST, by the way).
    > Interestingly enough, on the same evening that I saw what must be one 
    > of the lowest LEOs of the night, I happened to see what must be one 
    > of the highest LEOs!  At 9:58, I happened to look up and saw a near 
    > zenith pass of Cosmos 1378 which currently flies at well over 500 km.
    > What a remarkable difference in the apparent velocities of these two 
    > objects!  Hard to believe that their actual velocities can't be that 
    > far apart, from just observing them transit the sky.
    > I'd sure like to know what the first one was, though.  Anybody have any
    > ideas?
    > Best Regards and Clear Skies to All,
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