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    >From that article,
    But Doug Moffett from UFO Research NSW says he has a few problems with this
    "Firstly, the time of the launch was 18.45 GMT, which translates to 4.45am
    EST, the duration of the flight was 9 minutes 38 seconds - this is a full
    hour before the reported sightings," he said.
    "Secondly, where was the glow from the boosters or from the friction created
    by the craft moving through the atmosphere, where was the tail of the
    "Thirdly, why would anyone launch a rocket on a maiden test flight with a
    trajectory that would take it over the most heavily populated parts of
    "And how big must this rocket have been to be seen so clearly, at the same
    time, over such a vast distance?"
    Perhaps one of the members on this list could address this scientifically.
    My first thoughts are that he has no idea of simple orbital mechanics, and
    "glow from the boosters or friction" is just dumb.
    As for "how big must it be" is immaterial, when we are talking about the
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    >From  <> comes this:
    "It had a distinct bright centre, much like a bright star, indicating an
    object shedding light trails, spiralling and fattening out from it," and 
    "It certainly had that lollipop-type swirl ... but it was travelling low and
    fairly fast, and as it went past me and I looked up, it looked like a row of
    lights, maybe four lights," he said.
    There are also a couple of descriptions here: (in comments on a video from the
    December 2009 sighting over Norway)
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