Regarding the ISS Orbit Boost

From: Gene Harriman (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 10:37:31 UTC

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    Hello SeeSat Group,
    I saw Kevin F.'s note on the ISS orbit boost, and I'm looking at the NASA page referenced.  I see 
    the part at the top where maneuvers are referenced.  Can someone help me with what I'm looking at? 
    That is, what do the various parts mean?
    IMPULSIVE TIG (GMT)   M50 DVx(FPS)      LVLH DVx(FPS)      DVmag(FPS)
       IMPULSIVE TIG (MET)   M50 DVy(FPS)      LVLH DVy(FPS)      Invar Sph HA
       DT                    M50 DVz(FPS)      LVLH DVz(FPS)      Invar Sph HP
       171/06:52:31.233           9.6              11.3              11.4
       N/A                       -3.1               0.1              186.8
       000/00:19:02.466          -5.1               0.2              186.2
    Thank you, and I look forward to your replies.
    Gene Harriman
    Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
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