ISS and Shuttle seen in daylight......

From: John Locker (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 16:50:48 UTC

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    Todays exercise was to try and catch both ISS and the orbiter in 
    daylight.....with the sun 37 degs above horizon.
    At 17.06.53 BST ISS was due to pass by at 55.4 degs elevation mag -2.8 , the 
    shuttle was due to follow at 17.07.19 according to Calsky ...elevation again 
    , 55.4 degs , but mag 0.2 ( 26 seconds behind )
    I was confident ISS would be vis as 90 minutes earlier I had seen it 
    mag -2.2 with the sun at 50 degs , but the shuttle was another matter.
    As it turned out , both turned up on time.....and Discovery  "was" just 
    Quality of images is poor again due to focus problems and shimmering in the 
    FOV about 7 x 4 arc minutes
    Further details shortly
    Any images attached are subject to copyright restriction
    but may be used with prior permission 
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