RE: satellite burn-up

From: Chris Peat (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2008 - 08:00:19 UTC

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    Hi all,
    I just received this report of a possible re-entry from a Heavens-Above
    user. Any ideas what it could have been?
    Chris Peat
    From: Noel Massy [] 
    Sent: 09 June 2008 05:45
    Subject: satellite burn-up
    My question:
    Saturday night 7th June, aprox. 9.30pm local time (Australian Eastern
    standard time), I watched what appeared to be a satellite or space junk burn
    up to the east of my observation point of Birkdale, 27.48 south, 153.217
    east. It was about 50 deg above the horizon moving south to north, placing
    it above the Pacific Ocean. I watched it for about 10 minutes and observed
    pieces separate and burn up, until there was nothing left. The brightness of
    the orange glow was what initially attacted my attention, as I was not
    looking in that direction. It was just an orange ball, no shower or flaming
    tail etc.
    Usually this would bring some media coverage, either TV or newspaper, but
    there has been nothing.
    Could you shed some light on this event for me?
    Congratulations on your magnificent site. You deserve a medal.
    Noel Massy
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