Daylight station with Discovery and EVA in progress

From: John Locker (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 19:20:35 UTC

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    There's an EVA in progress , Discovery is docked...and all I get is a
    daylight pass :O(
    However the persistant cloud breaks for a while....and the station skips
    across the sky like a saucer skipping across a pond ! ( Apologies to Mr
    Arnold...........did he ever really say that ! )
    Not as easy as it looks.....and to acquire the images I had to widen my
    field of view to about 6 arc minutes.
    ISS is shown in "reverse " mode , Jules Verne leading .....
    19h17m30s  -3.9mag  az:180.4 S    h:61.6
     distance: 393.6km  height above Earth: 349.0km  elevation of sun: +17degs 
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