Rocket wreckage found in outback

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Date: Wed Jun 04 2008 - 12:20:18 UTC

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    From Australian ABC News
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    Rocket wreckage found in outback
    Surveyors in the Simspon Desert have discovered what is believed to be part
    of a blue streak rocket launched at Woomera in 1966.
    Simon Fanning and his geological survey team were flying over the Simpson
    Desert when they saw what they believed was part of satellite in the scrub.
    "It turns out this wreck is not in fact a satellite but a rocket - at least
    a chunk of one anyway" he said.
    "I'd seen ET as a kid, Star Wars and all that stuff, but to actually find
    something was really different."
    Dr Alice Gorman of Flinders University in Adelaide believes the rocket could
    be one of 10 blue streak rockets launched at Woomera in South Australia in
    the 1960s by the European Launcher Development Organisation. 
    "The blue streak's very distinctive and the location in the Simpson Desert
    and the details on the rocket indicate it's most likely from one of the two
    1966 launches" she said.
    Mr Fanning is reluctant to disclose the precise location of the find, but
    the ABC has found a EBay site offering the GPS coordinates for sale.
    There is private collector interest in blue streaks, but Dr Gorman says this
    discovery belongs in a museum.
    "There was only a handful of them launched here in Australia" she said.
    "I think it would be appropriate to put this one in a museum."
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