Re: APT from the Direct 10 launch will have a lower inclination orbit.

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Date: Sat Jun 30 2007 - 17:42:21 EDT

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    Baikonur is at 46.9N, so there will be some dogleg maneuvre.
    Siderial "time" at launch is about 7 degrees, so
    RAAN may be close to 277.
    From the image, it appears that the inclination change
    takes place at the equator, so it does not change RAAN.
    Also AOP appears to be near zero.
    This may be close:
    Direct-10 APT (TANK)                             35813 x 400
    1 99688U 07688C   07188.20346140  .00000050  00000-0  21088-3 0  0014
    2 99688 045.5719 277.1040 7231600 000.1279 000.7121 02.26600000 00010
    I have not analyzed the parking and intermediate orbits
    to make sure they match the transfer orbit, just the stated
    time for APT shutdown, and visual impressions above.
    Short note for Kevin: "into a 45 degree inclined orbit.
    So since the inclination of it's orbit, is closer to my
    latitude, means better passes of it."
    I'd say no - when you were 4.5 degrees S of N apex,
    you had a longer time (more passes) within 4.5 degrees
    from the track, than from this - 1 degree N of you.
    It's the same regarding ISS marathons - the longest ones
    at 8.6 degrees N of ISS' apex I can see it at 18 deg alt.
    So I might have all-night passes above that altitude if I
    were at latitude 43N.
    -- Björn Gimle                                            --
    -- COSPAR 5918 WGS84,  +18.10127 (E), +59.29813 (N), 44 m --
    -- COSPAR 5919, MALMA, +18.6206  (E), +59.2615  (N), 33 m --
    -- COSPAR 5920, FRUVIK,+18.4820  (E), +59.3260  (N), 11 m --
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    > Full details of the launch sequence are available in the launch kit from
    > the ILS launch site.
    > However I do not have the expertise to translate them into the
    > implications for any significant events or visibility in this region, so
    > any assistance in that direction would be appreciated.
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