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From: Greg Williams (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 22:30:41 EDT

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    Several years ago, after my dad moved to Ft. Myers, he heard it one 
    early morning around 3-4AM.  Thought it was a shotgun blast, and called 
    911, without so much as batting an eye, the 911 operator on the other 
    end answers the phone, "It's the shuttle" and my Dad said "ok".  :-)
    George Olshevsky wrote:
    > Around 12:30 PM Friday, as I was sitting at the computer working on my
    > latest indexing job, the house shook with two strong, closely spaced
    > slams a fraction of a second apart. The dog started to bark and my
    > wife, who had been napping on the living room couch, sat bolt upright
    > and asked, "What the devil was that? Another earthquake?" I told her I
    > thought it might have been a passing truck, but frankly I didn't
    > believe it--the double bang was too loud and too sharp. I went out to
    > see whether anything had fallen against or onto the house, but nothing
    > was disturbed. I finally decided it was the neighbor moving his
    > garbage cans back nito his driveway. But yesterday a local news report
    > noted that STS-117, which landed at Edwards AFB a few hundred miles
    > north of San Diego, had sent its re-entry sonic boom all across
    > southern California, startling the citizenry (I guess it came in from
    > the southwest). It's the first Shuttle sonic boom I've ever felt.
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