Shuttle Sonic Boom

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 22:14:49 EDT

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    Around 12:30 PM Friday, as I was sitting at the computer working on my
    latest indexing job, the house shook with two strong, closely spaced
    slams a fraction of a second apart. The dog started to bark and my
    wife, who had been napping on the living room couch, sat bolt upright
    and asked, "What the devil was that? Another earthquake?" I told her I
    thought it might have been a passing truck, but frankly I didn't
    believe it--the double bang was too loud and too sharp. I went out to
    see whether anything had fallen against or onto the house, but nothing
    was disturbed. I finally decided it was the neighbor moving his
    garbage cans back nito his driveway. But yesterday a local news report
    noted that STS-117, which landed at Edwards AFB a few hundred miles
    north of San Diego, had sent its re-entry sonic boom all across
    southern California, startling the citizenry (I guess it came in from
    the southwest). It's the first Shuttle sonic boom I've ever felt.
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