Re: Verify your Atlantis predictions.

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Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 21:23:51 EDT

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    With reference to my email predicting  the pass near here, I had about an 
    hour available to draw attention to the pass owing to the delay to re-entry.
    When I commenced writing, the decision had been made to wait for one more 
    orbit, and by the time I had finished they had scrubbed for a day. 
    Therefore the information posted at the time was the best available in a 
    limited time-frame to make a posting before the pass.
    I agree that in a changing situation one must ensure that one monitors for 
    updates.  Had observation been possible (and of course I would have allowed 
    for flexibility in time of passes when observing in the circumstances) I 
    would have been able to report on any changes to separation.
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    That is not what was meant by "earlier opportunity."  The purpose of the 
    burn is to change the orbit's major axis, thus affecting the orbit's nodal 
    regression, which brings Edwards into the crossrange limits one rev earlier 
    than with the current orbit - in other words, it "buys" us an extra deorbit 
    opportunity on an earlier rev, and based on the quote below it sounds like 
    they're trying to land prior to the forecasted wind increase.  I believe the 
    burn is posigrade, which means Atlantis will be later than current elements.
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