Re: Very Hi-Resoution Adaptive Optics Satellite Image

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 15:13:01 EDT

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    --- John Locker <> wrote:
    > I dont mean this one.....
    >    which was
    > obviously an amateur image..............I recall seeing an image of
    > Columbia  which was so good , you could read the logo on the wing.
    Perhaps you're thinking of these, ,
    which were taken from Maui and obviously used some sort of atmospheric
    compensation technique. And a big telescope.
    However, as far as the Russian images go, the picture of their
    equipment suggests the telescope has a very modest aperture -- I'd
    guess well below a meter.  In which case the images, which look to have
    resolutions of a couple of tenths of an arc second, are close to diffraction-limited.
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