Re: STS-117: correction

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 13:46:57 EDT

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    Times given in the previous email are New Zealand Standard Time, UTC is 1844 
    and 1846.
    My head was spinning somewhat as I spent time in the early morning 
    converting Shuttle landing times from EDT to NZST and UTC which turned out 
    to be an unnecessary exercise!
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    Subject: STS-117 to be visible in New Zealand as result of de-orbit delay
    > The de-orbit of STS-117 has been scrubbed for today owing to weather at 
    > the landing site.
    > We  have a visible pass commencing 0646 UTC preceded by ISS at 0644 (times 
    > not to the exact second.)   Passes close to Alpha Crux so that should be a 
    > good marker for timing separation..  Weather here is unstable but appears 
    > it may be suitable.
    > Unfortunately it may be too late to alert NZers  as it will be quite early 
    > morning here but hopefully this might be of use to someone!
    > Robert
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
    > 174.948E
    > 41.261S 
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