Re: Russian adapive optics pix of satellites

From: David Anderman (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2007 - 20:49:26 EDT

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    It would be interesting to compare photos taken here for those 
    particular spacecraft; I suspect that the "amateur" resolution isn't 
    that bad, compared to these state-sponsored systems.
    At 12:48 PM 6/20/2007, Allen Thomson wrote:
    >If you go to
    >and download the brochure, one of the slides (14 in the English
    >version) has what seem to be actual adaptive-optics images of several
    >satellites, Lacrosse 2 among them. The Russian legend on the left-hand
    >side says the scale is the same for all of the images, one second of
    >arc corresponding to the bar in the middle of the legend. "mck" is
    >Moscow time, I can't think of what "YM" (UM) might be at the moment.
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