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Date: Mon Jun 18 2007 - 06:39:38 EDT

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    Dear All,
    We have received a set of new reports of observation about Iranian Mystery
    Some witnesses from Saadat Shahr  (30.202 N,  53.180 E) , Arak (34.089 N ,
    49.696E) , Krmanshah (34.314N,  47.065 E), reported that they saw 2,3 and in
    one case 4 bright point under the cloud that moving with it.
    I don’t receive any photo of these event but in any city more than one
    observer report this multi bright points.
    Babak A.Tafreshi ,Oshin Zakarian and I, in Tehran (Dizin) couldn’t saw the
    bright point during observation and we find it in photos.
    So I think may be it is important to analysis of this event.
    Is there any explanation about few bright points in this case?
    Tehran (35.672N,  51.424E ) 
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