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Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 00:53:54 EDT

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    If you've got the money to spare, investigate Image Stabilized binoculars.  I've had a pair of Cannon 10x30 IS binocs for many years and I love them.  They use two AA cells and have a push button forward of the focusing knob.  When you push the button, all the tiny jitters from hand-holding just go away.  I'd estimate it at least doubles resolution.
    Best way to demo the difference: take a pair of IS binoculars out in the back yard, lay down on a reclining lawn chair, point them at the sky and look at the stars.  Then press the button and look at all the new faint stars that "swim" out of the darkness.  You couldn't see them before because jitter made them too faint to register.  With no jitter, there they are.
    The Cannon 10x30 IS is also a very, very good general purpose binocular.  They're small, light weight and great for anything from a ball game to bird watching.
    The only thing bad about the 10x30 is the price - about $350.  The only thing better would be the larger IS binoculars from Cannon.  If I was made of money, I'd get their 18x50 IS model and see if I could make out any detail on the ISS.
    You can see them all at and many other places.
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