RE: unknown object trailing AMS 1 (76-091A)

From: Brad Young (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 09:11:17 EDT

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    Ed Cannon said:
    >I was at the Ney Museum grounds and had a near-zenith culmination
    prediction for AMS 1 (DMSP F1, 09415, 76-091A). Right   >behind it was a
    steady faint object, tracking it exactly for as far as I could follow it, as
    far as I could tell. I had   >faced due north to catch AMS 1 as it
    approached the zenith, and after culmination I had to rotate 180 degrees. I
    found AMS >1 again but could not see the trailer anymore, perhaps due to
    some cloud interference. I timed AMS 1 and the trailer near >two stars and
    got 1.10 and 1.18 seconds separation.
    I was watching the same pass from about 500 miles north in Tulsa. I timed
    AMS 1 (DMSP F1, 09415, 76-091A) from 3:22:45.15 to 3:23:48.05, recording
    positions and flashes (post later), but did not see a second object in my 6
    degree field (12 x 60 binocs). I will be sure and keep an eye out!
    OT: right after this I was told to "put my hands up and stand up" by two
    policemen. There had been an alarm at the store I sit near while observing.
    I was not arrested, and actually it was nice to see the quick response,
    since I live across the street. Of course, as I was trying to explain to the
    cops what I was doing, the clouds poured in and they were a little dubious
    about my "satellite watching". However, I must not fit the profile of either
    cat burglar or peeping Tom.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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