RE: Do astronauts get catalog #s?

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 06:39:03 EDT

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    Your question is easily answered by consulting the catalogue.
    As a general principle, public catalogue numbers are applied to uniquely-identifiable items of hardware - NORAD errors and confusion, and the cataloguing of re-launched Shuttles etc, excepted.
    Why would use by different astronaut or a subsequent EVA generate a new number for a catalogued MMU? Soyuz doesn't get renumbered for a redocking manoevre, neither does it get renumbered when returning to Earth with a different crew from the one at launch.
    Bob Christy
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    Subject:	RE: Do astronauts get catalog #s?
    From:	David Anderman <>
    Date:		13/06/2007 22:35
    I have to ask: was the NORAD number for the particular astronaut, or 
    the MMU? In other words, did another astronaut using the MMU get a 
    new NORAD number?
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