Re: possible fourth Globalstar?

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 10:31:06 EDT

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    Ed Cannon posted:
    >On the second pass earlier tonight, at about 4:12-15 UTC,
    >Mike and I saw three of the new Globalstars.  A minute or
    >two after the third one another object came along that
    >seemed to be in a very similar track, although it seemed
    >fainter to me than the others, and I didn't come up with
    >a match using Findsat.
    The mean motion values for the 5 tles available from space-track are:
    Nothing was seen at the predicted place for the largest mean motion.
    This is labeled "Fregat Deb" by Spacecom, but it matches the other
    orbits.  It does seem to have a non-zero drag term indicating that
    it is a tiny piece of debris.
    Globalstar objects were seen corresponding to 3 of the other 4 orbits.
    The last two orbits were predicted to be only 10 seconds apart.
    Only one object was seen at that time.  These 3 objects would then
    be the ones labeled C, A, and then either D or F by Spacecom.
    A fourth object was spotted by Ed about 2 minutes after that last object.
    If the mean motion for this object is assumed to be 13.9120, then I
    can adjust its orbit to fit two observations I made about 04:21 UT:
    Globalstar X  
    1 99991U 07020X   07157.17023510 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    08
    2 99991  51.9972 177.6125 0014379 284.5564  75.4435 13.91200000    03
    So I assume this is the fourth Globalstar.
    >A flashing geosynch with a period of about 69 seconds was
    >seen very near the predicted positions for the Globalstars on
    >the first pass.  I haven't had time to try to ID it.  I tried
    >a couple of hours later to see if it was Gorizont 23 (91-046A,
    >21533) but did not see that one at that later time.
    The prediction for Gorizont 23 for 2:29 UT (June 6) matches the
    star pattern where this object was seen.
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