NROL-22 launch

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 00:46:59 EDT

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    Morning all  
    (yes I RARELY observe after midnight)
    Just observed the 2nd stage burn of the NROL-22
    mission - tracked it for about 5-6 minutes before
    it moved behind local buildings. Fantastic sight
    with a broad cone behind the rocket- could not see
    anything starlike - the fan was very roughly 2-3 degrees
    long before it faded out and probably about 1 to 1.5
    degrees wide -- these are all very rough as I have still
    to determine the scale of the CCD camera- at the last
    minute I switched over to a wide angle lens.
    Will measure later today.
    Thanks to Kevin for posting the URL for the Boeing
    site- was able to follow it all, and thanks to Ted for
    the search elements - satellite was a little high- maybe
    1-2 degrees but otherwise good.
    See the local Overberg launch facility was part of the
    team for the NROL-22 launch -this is about 200 kms
    from Cape Town.
    Cheers - now going to take all the equipment down. 
    Until about 10 minutes before the pass I had 65-70%
    cloud then it suddenly cleared and only had about
    5% cloud - this time I was lucky!
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