request for identification of a possible geostationary satellite

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 15:43:36 EDT

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    I received a mail with a request for identification of a possible
    geostationary or GTO object.
    The observation was made during the night of june 3-4 2006 when the
    observer was looking for Pluto into a 32cm Newton Telescope.
    Pluto was visible at 2h and was standing almost in the South with an
    elevation of approximately 22 degrees.
    The exact time of observation is not know but around 23h53m UT(June
    3).  At that time there was an object of about maginitude 10.5 slowly
    moving through the image of the telescope.  This person thought it was
    a geostationary satellite and stopped using the following mechanism of
    the telescope.  The object however kept on moving in easternly
    direction as fast as the stars were moving due to the rotation of the
    Earth.  So just about 15"/s.
    The approximate location of observation at 23h53m UT was:
    Azimuth: 170.5deg.
    Altitude: 21.5deg.
    Location of observation: 52deg23min35sec N and 4deg35min41sec E.
    Hope someone can help.
    Tristan Cools
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