Sky Scout?

From: Brooke Clarke (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 19:31:19 EDT

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    Celestron is introducing a new product called the Sky Scout.
    It is a low power hand held telescope that's intended for use to 
    identify whatever you point to.
    To do this it has a GPS receiver for location and time as well as 
    accelerometers acting as a tilt sensor so it knows the elevation angle.
    I expect it also has a magnetic compass which when combined with GPS 
    location would give true bearing.
    USB computer interface.
    So, it should be possible to use this device to track a satellite and 
    have your computer tell you which one it is.
    Does anyone on this list know more about the Sky Scout?
    Have Fun,
    Brooke Clarke
    w/o Java
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