Re: Flashing Geo-Sync spotted

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2006 - 04:57:33 EDT

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    At 15:30 17/06/06, Mike Chini wrote:
    >Amazed that I could see M17 from light polluted NYC
    >with my Obie 15x70's, I lingered there a while and
    >suddenly saw a flashing geo sync at about 1:30 (6:30
    >UT) this morning.  It had a flash period of about 22 -
    >23 seconds.
    >RA 18h 21m
    >Dec -16deg 43'
    >Flashed consistenly at about 22 seconds and was
    >consistently bright.  
    >Seemed to be stationary.  My location is 40.58N
    Mike, your local clocks are running 4 hours behind Ut at moment
    so the time should be 5:30UT.
    Two old comsats in the vicinity Mike,
    87 40A 17969  gorizont 14
    90 16A  20499 Raduga 25
    87 40A is a well known near GEO flasher.
    PPAS observations show both a 87 and 43.5
    second period, may be another surface comes into play
    to make it near 22 seconds?
    90 16a is not reported in the PPAS at all.
    You said it didnt move, relative to you or the stars?
    Tony Beresford
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