Any re-entry possibilities near LA?

From: Skywise (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 15:11:51 EDT

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    Last night I heard a quick double sonic boom very much
    like what I've heard for the Space Shuttle when it comes
    home to Edwards.
    I posted to Meteorobs last night in case it was a bolide,
    but I want to post here for any conjecture on re-entry
    possibilities. I don't think there was anything expected,
    but I'm now wondering about some of the recent launches.
    Could any of them have shed debris that could have tracked
    over the Los Angeles area?
    Location: 118.0W 33.8N
    Time: seconds after 11:17pm local June 14, 2006
                          06:17 UT June 15, 2006
    Some over on meterobs have suggested connections to the
    Minuteman launch from VAFB and the 4.7 quake in Gilroy.
    I have discounted both based on timing and knowledge of
    both events. My booms were 22 hours after the launch and
    6 hours before the quake, which was also 480km away.
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