Thanks for help with satellite watching information

From: Paul (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 07:30:10 EDT

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    Could I thank everyone on the list who has responded to my request for
    assistance with how to find out when to observe satellite re-entries.
    I now have to find the time to digest the information (its report writing
    time as I am a teacher).
    Paul Floyd. 
    P.S. As an aside, I was lucky enough 12 (?) years ago to observe an upper
    stage re-entry by accident. Was driving along a dark country road and looked
    up to see this strange 'curtain' of light (for want of a better short
    description) moving across the sky. Found out a couple of days later what I
    had observed (in the local paper). I managed to pull off the road and kept
    watching without crashing! Too long ago to remember what it was - a PAM (?)
    booster comes to mind.
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