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From: Art Glick (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2006 - 23:26:58 EDT

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    Hi Guys,
    It's not totally off topic, since by definition we do most of our sat 
    viewing close to the terminator, and I couldn't help replying.
    Not accounting for very minor differences, such as the shape of the Earth 
    or its orbit, it would make sense that any given part of the globe gets an 
    equal amount of daylight, and the reason this seems counter intuitive is 
    because of the "quality" of the light.
    Even if the poles do get a bit more "daylight" as Jeff pointed out, the sun 
    is always lower in the sky (on average) than it is at lower latitudes, so 
    if you were counting photons (and not minutes and seconds) the prize would 
    go to equatorial locations.  That's why our planet has ice caps at the poles!
    Now we better get off this topic before Ted starts slapping knuckles with 
    his ruler (just kidding, Ted)!
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