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Date: Tue Jun 13 2006 - 08:21:30 EDT

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    1. Some programs that help you analyze
    2. can give you "all" decay predictions
    3. Inspect the Moniya orbits on
    4. Use programs from 1. to analyze SpaceTrack or H-A TLEs.
    1. QSORT can sort 2/3-line TLE files on several fields at a time.
        Mike's xf6/xf7 and my APPLYSEL can extract TLEs for given objects from
    large file.
        Mike's int2/int2x/int3t can compute future lunisolar perturbations.
        Orbitel by Dave Ransom can add perigee/apogee to first line of 3-line
        In UltraEdit you/I can program macros to find Molniyas from 3-line TLEs
    and sort them on drag term.
        ElementManager should be able to to sorting and extracting elsets on at
    least one field.
    2. On  you can get decay predictions for 'Soon decaying' for
    a week ahead, or 'Decaying close to you' for a month ahead, or subscribe to
    their alert services (1-3 days ahead).
    3. You can search by satellite name   MOLN%   and inspect 'Orbit' for each
    one not listed as 'decayed'. This will give you apogee/perigee and show if
    perigee (where decay is most likely) is on the night side of Earth. You can
    also see/save its TLE or its USSPACECOM number for future use (find them
    more readily on H-A, or get TLE from SpaceTrack for all interesting sats).
        Note that some 'recent' decayers are still listed as orbiting.
        I found the following ones having perigees below 500 km now:
        11474 13875 13890 15738 20742
        21897 22068 22178 22671 23211
        24640 26867 27707 27834
    #15738 is about 130 km now, but was recently at 111 km
    #22671 is at about 236 km, possibly decreasing.
    The others appear to be stable, or slowly increasing.
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    > I am not as expert as others on the list but here's how I do it.
    > I download a file of TLEs and analyze with a program called Element
    > Manager.
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