Re: Eccentricity

From: Chris Jones (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 16:09:09 EDT

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    > One of the Molniyas has an apogee of 79 km (79 x 1,550 km), so it has to be
    > almost glowing red hot by then!
    That would, of course, be the *perigee* rather than the apogee.  And
    while I've heard
    of satellites having a perigee as low as 75 statute miles and staying
    in orbit (though
    only for a pass or two, done to get a close look at something on the
    ground), 79 *km*
    is not even in any of the the accepted definitions of space.  Do you have more
    information about this satellite; it seems like it might be a mistake?
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