Re: HST Lunar Transit

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 00:34:10 EDT

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    Thanks Tom, Arnold, and Frank,
         Arnold, without your suggestion to use Calsky I
    would have missed this event. Frank excellent
    explanation. As you all said, HA is not the way to go
    for Lunar transits. Calsky is! However, in my rush to
    put the babies down and to grab my equipment and drive
    50 miles, I fogot my binoculars! So I aimed my Canon
    EOS and got a 30 sec exposure at ASA 100 and f/5.6.
    Now I need to reload my Canon upload software on my
    new laptop to caputure the image. Don't expect much.
    The HST was visible until it got within 5deg of the
    moon and then disappeared until on the other side by
    5deg. Did not see a naked eye transit.
    - Jeff
    --- Jeff Umbarger <> wrote:
    > Hey All,
    >      According to HA the HST will transit the moon
    > (at
    > around 3:09:30UT June 8, 2006) here in the North
    > Texas
    > area. Attached is the URL for HA defining a road
    > intersection I hope to be at in 5 hours to see this.
    > Has anyone successfully used HA to see lunar or
    > solar
    > transits by the HST or ISS? Is the site that
    > accurate?
    > I haven't put in the elevation (around 800ft. MSL) -
    > will this matter?
    >      Regards,
    >           Jeff Umbarger
    >           Plano, TX USA
    >           Lat: +33.0695N
    >           Lon: -96.7681W
    >           UT-5hr
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