Re: Going to teach satellite observing to youngsters

From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 21:07:32 EDT

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    > a class about satellite observing (along with related subjects) to 4th to 6th grade kids in a talented and gifted program. I have 
    > a lot of ideas that
    I'll reply all so that other's don't reply with the same advice as myself.
    First of all I would use the internet in every class - every time.  One must goto website would be this one:
    Where there is a 3D java applet that shows most (all?) known satellites and their orbits.  Click and drag to see the 3D nature. 
    Shift click and ctrl click to zoom in and out.  Click a satellite to see it's name and orbital path.  Choose options "update rate" 
    "1/4 second" then "options" "timing" "X100" to see the satellites in action (you may have to wait a minute if it was in minute 
    update rate before the satellites start whizzing around).
    Also help them understand a feel for orbital mechanics (yes, tactile understanding as opposed to words) with perhaps some of these 
    java applets:
    and many others.  Just search for "java applet orbit" on google.
    - George Roberts 
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