Express AM-11 maxima this morning

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 16:12:23 EDT

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    For Express AM-11 (28234, 04-015A) there were magnitude +2 maxima
    this morning at about (within only about 30 seconds accuracy, if
    that, due to its slowness):
    07:55:00 - only +3.5
    08:04:30 - only about +5.5
    I first found it at about 07:07 at about +4.5.  The RA was from 
    roughly 15:40 to 16:35, Dec close to -5.  The minima went to 
    fainter than +7.  I was using my 10x50 binoculars but checked 
    the maxima without magnification.
    These were from outside my apartment -- very light polluted.  At
    the maxima, it was as bright as any of the stars in the general 
    vicinity (within several degrees).
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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