Orbit, Freefall

From: Sam (kahuna2@fast.net)
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 12:35:52 EDT

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    My apologies if this was already posted, or if it's not new, but I just saw
    a demo of a software package called Orbit that I thought was really, really
    cool and would be of benefit to list members.
    A description from macfixit.com:
    "Finally, Aran Anderson, President of Orbit, demonstrated what I thought was
    the coolest product of the bunch: a 200-times-faster-than-real-time
    satellite simulator that showed a 3D simulation of all non-classified
    satellites orbiting the earth, including networks between satellites, ground
    links, and coverage areas. Anderson noted that a few years ago, the
    calculations used by Orbit required a Defense Department supercomputer, but
    Orbit runs on a Power Mac G5. In a nod to OS X as a development platform,
    Anderson noted that he created Orbit in 3 months using Xcode on a PowerBook
    G4. (A free demonstration screensaver called Freefall will be available from
    Apple's website "soon."
    I'm having trouble finding a website for more info. If anybody finds more
    info, please let me know. You can see the demo starting at 35:10 of the
    streaming broadcast located here:
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