Re: 2.2' of arc discrepancy between CalSKY and SkyMap ISS tracks

From: Ed Morana (
Date: Sat Jun 26 2004 - 14:49:58 EDT

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    I ran the four TLEs through SkyMapPro Version 9
    ( for elevation 208 (relative to
    the WGS84 ellipsoid),  and elevation 164 (relative to
    Mean Sea Level).  The tracks produced by SkyMapPro
    are very close to the ones displayed on Thomas Fly's
    One thing to note: The first time I ran SkyMapPro and
    entered 48:15:28.6 for the lattitude, the tracks came
    out 1/3 of a Venus higher.  It appears SkyMapPro
    truncated the tenths portion of 28.6 seconds of
    lattitue to 28.  I then did another run for 48:15:29,
    and those results are about dead on to the ones Thomas
    has on his page.
    Thomas Fly <> wrote:
    This was the primary point of my earlier post:
    "European Space Agency story of Tomás Maruska's ISS /
    Venus transit"
    Perhaps others would like to compare the results from
    their software, using
    those TLEs and Tomás' location, to those of CalSKY and
    The ground tracks produced by my WorldView program are
    in close agreement with
    the sky tracks produced by SkyMap.
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