Re: ISS/ Venus transit....... Captured in Slovakia !!!

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 20:49:44 EDT

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    Greetings, all,
    Congratulations to all of you who played a role in capturing the images
    of ISS transitting the Sun during the Transit of Venus.  A sparkling
    Thomas Fly <> writes:
    >> Probably you remember the cheer, "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?".
    > A couple months back, Walter Nissen pointed out a curiosity about the
    > date of the Venus transit, that I've not heard mentioned anyone
    > mention since.
    Yes, I noticed the 2-4-6-8 many, many moons ago.  But it was not until I
    was listening to the time service announcement at 10 hours UTC that I
    noticed that we would soon arrive at a more extended numerical instant.
    We then took note of that instant as it passed into history while Venus
    was still fully upon the face of the Sun, and later I recorded in my log
    as the time of observation of the Transit of Venus,
                 h  m  s
    2004-06-08 10 12 14.1618202224262830323436...
    Walter Nissen         
    -81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation
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