USA 129 orbit raise? was Re: [dsat] Nr 1730, 308 & meteorite

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 13:35:47 EDT

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    Pierre said in a DSat message: This evening,interval 96-72A/01-44A 
    should be 2h47.3. Do they wait that W part of Europe completely 
    overcast to perform their pending manoeuvre ?
    Since the KH orbits are elliptical, and do not have their perigees
    in the "same" orbital longitudes, the separation in time varies with
    position in orbit.
    In my message to DSat 2004-06-13 I proposed a theory that the
    southbound daylight pass is more significant to determine the
    time of maneouvre. In that case 2:45 is reached on June 19,
    using the elsets available at that date. I doubt new elsets
    would change the time by more than a few hours earlier.
    I have not verified with earlier occasions, but I know it gave
    a better result at least once.
    I had a bad "typo" in that message: If it has moved one day
    earlier than expected, it will be about two minutes LATE.
    I don't think I can observe it - weather is unreliable, but above all
    Sun is at -4 on tonight's 26 deg pass, -6 at the 13 degree pass
    on June 19
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