Re: Low Flares and "cloud sweep" effect

Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 12:45:48 EDT

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    I have seen a few below 10 deg. I have one at 5 tonight, and 6 in a few 
    days, but weather and season do not cooperate. At my latitude we have nearly 
    daylight all night now, and they are predicted -0.7 and -1.8.
    My two cents on the "cloud sweep" effect: It may be real, but not with the 
    explanation given.
    Iridia rotate once per orbit, ie 3.6 deg/minute - the beam can rotate 7.2 
    deg/min (or less depending on geometry)
    This corresponds to 12.57 radians/6025 seconds, roughly 0.002 radians/s.
    Even at 3000 km range, this is 6 km/s, but the satellites moves more than 
    7 km/s, so rotation can only overtake motion on low flares.
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