Low Flares

From: Brad Young (brad.young@domain-engineering.com)
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 09:25:28 EDT

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    Tom Wagner asked:
    > Does anyone know the lowest in the sky someone has observed an Iridium
    > flare?
    Saw three flares last night:
    Iridium 41  15 elev  -2 predict  -1 obs  10:50:11 CDT predict +0s obs
    Iridium 43  12 elev  -1 predict  -2 obs  10:59:15 CDT predict +8s late obs
    Iridium 22  11 elev  -6 predict  +2 obs  11:34:03 CDT predict note 1
    Note 1: +10s, I didn't see the flare at max due to low clouds / lights
    Weather very muggy, still, low clouds moving in for Irid 22.
    Irid 41, 43 in west below Jupiter, no lights, no clouds yet.
    I have seen several others lately, in a cycle with many "under" Jupiter
    in west and near Deneb in the east. They have all been pretty much as
    predicted, with only weather to affect them. Mag -8 flare near Deneb last
    week had the "cloud sweep" effect noted a few days ago on the board.
    Brad Young
    Tulsa, OK USA
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