Re: Iridium flare light across a cloud?

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 22:06:22 EDT

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    >I have seen this effect several times before. In fact, if you can believe
    it, I sometimes look forward to slight cirrus overcast when a bright Iridium
    is coming up to see this effect. And yes, the action seems to sweep in the
    opposite direction of the satellite motion.
    I never knew of this phenomenon. I look forward to watching for the right
    conditions for it to happen again!
    Maybe someone with a very low lux surveillance camera and a semicircular
    mirror to point at for the needed wide angle can get a video of the effect
    followed by the Iridium flare that caused it. I once found a website that
    has a webcam that monitors the whole sky by looking downward at a
    semicircular mirror. It was used, as I recall, to observe aurora.
    Clear (or should I say, thinly veiled) skies,
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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